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Jan Thienpont

Jan Thienpont is a pure product of the south west of France: as enigmatic as the Bordeaux wine!
Jan Thienpont spent his childhood in the blessed area of Bordeaux.
He is the fourth generation of the Thienpont family involved in the wine business.
He grew up among the vines, the Atlantic see and the Pyrenees Mountains. Harvest after harvest he started to get involved into the Thienpont family wine tradition promoting his region with passion.
His interest for other cultures and for old wine region brought him in a long trip by foot across central Asia, from Turkey to China.
This rich and strong experience led him to the conclusion that every one can find the wine he likes: but no one should try to imitate one or other region in the world, any Vine on any Terroir is unique, and the magic influence of vintages will always bring wine drinking to new experiences.
He is now developing projects in Bordeaux area but also in Algeria, trying to share his passion about Bordeaux wines but also all the way of life behind: healthy food, respect of nature, environment understanding.


Florian Thienpont

Florian Thienpont is a true ambassador of French cuisine and “savoir vivre”.
In 1983, the birthday of Florian was also the first harvest of Chateau Puygueraud: the start of a new path in the Thienpont family wine history.
He decided to be a Chef, worked hard in Kitchens as the Meurice in Paris or Plaisance in Saint Emilion. With his wife he decided to know more about the world cuisine, and went for more than a year around the world teaching and learning the secret of “smart” cuisine. Among others, Florian went to Cambodia to give kitchen lesson at the Hotel and Tourism school from Paul Dubrule in Siem Reap directed by Béatrice Baranger.
When he came back, he naturally decided to work in the Fois Gras industry as a culinary consultant for the Rougié Company and finally took over his father’s wine merchant house with his brother Jan.

He now produces the gourmet “Chateau Clos Fontaine” and continues to promote all family wines (Château Puygueraud, Vieux Château Certan etc).
He is also promoting the chateau Guillot Clauzel among other promising crus in Bordeaux !

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