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The Côtes de Francs

The birth of a little brother: Château Clos Fontaine

This independent way of thinking, far from tasting standards is the root of the top Thienpont family brands, Vieux Chateau Certan and Le Pin.
In this tradition, Dominque Thienpont purchased a few hectares in the heart of the Bordeaux Côtes de Francs and started to produce a 100% old merlot wine.
The first vintage was in 2003.
As his cousin Alexandre from VCC says, “Making a great Wine is respecting a distinctive style and letting the wine tell its own story … and not ours”, Dominique Thienpont started to produce Chateau Clos Fontaine, a mineral, floral, solidly constructed, and nuanced wine, typically from the extraordinary Cotes de Francs terroir.
For him, respecting the gift of an incredibly rich nature, complex and so fragile, is the key issue for a wine maker to produce great quality wines.
The Terroir is the greatest thing that nature offers us and cannot be imitated!
The name, “Clos Fontaine” comes from an old local legend from the roman times revealing that a “magic” spring (called Fontaine in French) of very pure water flows nearby the wine estate in a deep rock, up the hill to the nearby village of Saint Cibard. The whom can drink it will be lucky for the rest of his life!

Origines of Château Clos Fontaine : The Côtes de Francs in Bordeaux

“The smallest of the Bordeaux appellations, 450 hectares, is like a small independent state and occupies the highest slopes of the Gironde, halfway between the valleys of the Isle and the Dordogne, to the east of Saint Emilion.
Polyculture leaves its mark everywhere and prairies, cereals and vines intermingle.
Created in 1967, the appellation is very much part of the Bordeaux families, its wines having the precision of the best Bordeaux: humble pearl of the Bordeaux vineyards, the Cotes de Francs is nevertheless one of its most precious stones!”
Vinification: patience and passion, let the nature do!
Once picked, the grapes are sorted and fed into stainless steel tanks for whole-berry fermentation.
After a short and gentle extraction and subsequent maceration, the wine is put into one wine Pomerol or Saint Emilion barrels from 6 to 14 months.
After the roundness given by the wood, the wine comes back into the stainless tanks for another 2 years ageing. All interventions are decided by tasting. Bottling, normally takes place after 3 years ageing.
Chateau Clos Fontaine is then ready to be open or kept for another 10 years.
Chateau Clos Fontaine is a gourmet wine, for people who like simple life, enjoying each moment from every day!
Tasting Comments:
Chateau CLOS FONTAINE, Typical Côtes de Francs giving a lot of pleasure, has an harmonious structure with a lot of freshness and elegance. Excellent union of fruit aromas, wood perfumes and spice flavours.
It is Preferable to open / decanted 1 or 2 hours before serving in the temperature between 18 and 20°C. Very good with grilled and sauced meat, cheese, Mediterranean and Asiatic dishes (Such as Sichuan and Cantonese food, but also good with Korean, Vietnam dishes).

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